Vartana raises $12m to help B2B teams close deals faster

Vartana raises $12m to help B2B teams close deals faster
Jeff Lu & Rajal Patel
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September 21, 2023
May 31, 2023
Vartana raises $12m to help B2B teams close deals faster
  • Vartana is an innovative checkout and financing platform that’s helping B2B companies close more deals at faster rates.

  • The platform empowers sales teams to seamlessly offer financing options to their customers in a matter of minutes.

  • Vartana creates a better buying experience for all stakeholders and gives B2B SaaS companies a new tool to drive revenue growth during macro headwinds. 

How Vartana Works

Founders Kush Kella and Ahmed Sharif spent years watching deals fall through due to lack of payment flexibility while working at fleet management company Motive (previously KeepTruckin). 

In 2020, they founded Vartana to build a solution— a managed platform that would help sales reps close deals, and allow buyers to afford the technology needed to keep their businesses growing. Vartana embeds directly into CRMs, allowing companies to offer their customers financing options in minutes, instead of days or weeks. 

This gives sellers an attractive financing option that helps close deals quicker, as the end customer can avoid interest charges and still receive the product they want. In the meantime, the seller receives immediate payment, facilitated by Vartana.  Finance departments experience accelerated cash receipts while keeping liabilities off their books, and sales teams truncate their sales process while improving the certainty of close.

Unlocking Revenue Growth

As investors in Vartana’s Seed and Series A, we have witnessed firsthand how the team has surpassed expectations in both product development and growth. While Vartana has shown unusually strong product market fit from the beginning, they’re exceptionally well-positioned for growth under the current conditions in the broader SaaS market. 

In the current macroeconomic climate, businesses are increasingly prioritizing cash flow. Sellers are expressing a strong desire for immediate payment, while customers are more reluctant to pay upfront, preferring flexible, interest-free options. This trend serves as a significant tailwind for Vartana, positioning the company to capitalize on the rising demand for its services in the coming quarters.

Vartana has a unique feature for a lender in that they observe significant origination growth at minimal marginal cost. Once Vartana has been integrated into a company’s CRM and adopted by sales and finance teams, expansion happens rapidly and at minimal cost to the company. 

Looking Ahead: Future Growth and Expansion

We find that founders building to solve a problem they experienced directly are some of the most motivated and effective leaders. Because of their direct experience, founders Kush and Ahmed have unique insight into their customers' needs and challenges. We look forward to continuing to support Vartana through their growth. 

With the recent Series B funding round raising $20 million, Vartana plans to continue to build out  its product offerings and strengthen its team. Vartana will continue to focus on creating new financial marketplace partnerships and enhancing their core product. 

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