Immad Akhund: Crowdfunding, Angel Investors & Fintech

Immad Akhund: Crowdfunding, Angel Investors & Fintech
Auren Hoffman
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October 31, 2023
July 18, 2023
Immad Akhund: Crowdfunding, Angel Investors & Fintech

Immad Akhund is the CEO of Mercury, a bank for startups. He’s also a multi-time founder and a Dual Threat CEO with over 300+ angel investments. 

Immad and I open with an in-depth discussion of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, including how Mercury handled a massive influx of over $2 billion in deposits in the wake of SVB’s insolvency. Immad sheds light on some lesser-known structural aspects of the banking system and explains how they affect banking products, customer experience and building fintech startups. 

Immad and I also break down Mercury’s unique experience with crowdfunding a portion of their Series B– they raised $5M from 2,500 investors as part of the $120M round. We discuss changes in the VC landscape, including the rise of Dual Threat CEOs. Immad is a prolific investor in addition to a CEO, and he shares his thoughts on why Dual Threat CEOs can outperform conventional VCs. 

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